Luisa Sello plays on Miyazawa flutes.
Luisa Sello, defined by the New York Concert Review “lovely mix of extroverted passion and genuine tenderness, with excellent breath control, brilliant technical rendering, engaging intensity, sonorous range and abundance of charm” is a Flute Miyazawa Artist and an Ambassador of Music and Italian Culture, supported by the Italian Ministry of Culture. Her international career includes collaborations with Teatro alla Scala di Milano, Riccardo Muti, Wien Symphoniker Orchestra, Thailand Symphony Orchestra, Trevor Pinnock, Alirio Diaz, Philippe Entremont, Bruno Canino, Karl Leister, Carnegie Hall, Juilliard School, Suntory Hall, Prazak string quartett, the composers Salvatore Sciarrino, Aldo Clementi, Rainer Bischof (première performances). Already Flute Professor at the Academy of Music in Milanoo and Trieste (Italy), she is actually Doctoral Professor at the New Bulgarian University of Sofia (Bulgaria) and visiting professor at the Universities in Vienna, Madrid, Edinburgh, Beijing, Melbourne, Toronto, New York, Kyoto, Bangkok, Buenos Aires, among others. In obtaining both her ArtD in Performing Arts and her PhD in Linguistic and Literary Sciences, she studied in Paris with Raymond Guiot and Alain Marion, who proclaimed her “very musical, superb,” at the Accademia Chigiana with Severino Gazzelloni, who remarked her “magnificent interpretive sensibility and excellent sound”, and with Conrad Klemm in Rome. She records for Stradivarius, Dynamic (Italy) and Millennium (Beijing).
LUISA SELLO definita dal New York Concert Review artista dalla ‘spontanea cantabilità, con tecnica brillante, eccellente controllo del fiato, suono generoso e grande charm’ suona in tutto il mondo ed è artista scelta dal Ministero Italiano dei Beni Culturali per rappresentare la musica italiana. Nel suo curriculum figurano i nomi di Riccardo Muti, Teatro alla Scala di Milano, Trevor Pinnock, Alirio Diaz, Wiener Symphoniker, Carnegie Hall, Juilliard School, Suntory Hall, Philippe Entremont, Karl Leister, Bruno Canino, Quartetto Prazak, Quartetto Kodaly, Thailand Symphony Orchestra e i compositori Aldo Clementi, Rainer Bischof, Adriano Guarnieri (prime esecuzioni assolute). Allieva di Raymond Guiot e Alain Marion a Parigi, di Severino Gazzelloni all’Accademia Chigiana di Siena, e di Conrad Klemm a Roma, con studi accademici in Flauto e in Lingue e Letterature Moderne (Laurea e PhD), gia’ professore titolare di flauto al Conservatorio di Milano e di Trieste, è attualmente Professore di Dottorato alla New Bulgarian University di Sofia, e professore ospite presso le Istituzioni accademiche quali le Universita’ di Vienna, Madrid, Edinburgo, Pechino, Melbourne, Toronto, New York, Kyoto, Bangkok, Buenos Aires. Artista testimonial della Miyazawa Flute, incide per Stradivarius, Dynamic e Millennium di Pechino.
  • Magnificent interpretative sensitivity and excellent sound Severino Gazzelloni (International Flautist)
  • Very musical interpretation, superb sound Raymond Guiot (First Flute of the Opera of Paris)
  • Extraordinary musician (Alto Adige – Gi.Bo.)
  • An extraordinary solo recital (Il Mattino di Bolzano – A.Sobrero)
  • An Ute Lemper of the flute, with a stage presence at once imposing and elegant (Il Tempo – G.P.)
  • Great interpretive ability, absolute mastery of her instruments, total command of the stage, the light touch of a star (AltroMolise – Beckmesser)
  • Technically perfect and with nice phrasing (Volks-Zeitung- Austria – G-.P.)
  • Great colouristic bravura, fine quality and great depth of penetration (ABC – Madrid – F.Cid)
  • Effortlessness, lightness, intensity and vigour (General-Anzeiger – Bonn – B. Kaempfer)
  • Exellent virtuosity (Il Messaggero Veneto S.Z.)
  • Perfect, she has confirmed her talent (Feuille d’Avis – Svizzera – Isa)


Repertoire (PDF)

Among all the solo works, the concerts which Mozart dedicated to the role of the magical instrument are of great importance: the majestic and fascinating Concert KV313 in G Major, the bubbly Concert KV 314 in D major, both written at the beginning of 1778 at Mannheim, and the delicate Andante in C major KV 315 probably written for another concert which he did not finish, dated Salzburg 1778/79.

Besides this unabridged work, it is important to recall the pages ‘fin du siècle’ by the composer Cécile Chaminade and the watermarked lines of the works by Saint Saens. The French repertoire contains many ideas and suggestions, from the virtuoso adaptation for flute and strings of the opera by Bizet, Fantasia sulla Carmen, to the masterpiece of the 20th century by the wise hand of Jacques Ibert.

The double concert by Erwin Schulhoff, an author of the 20th century among the victims of the Holocaust who died at a young age: his language is very extensive, where flute and piano face a challenging role of great charm as soloists.
The baroque period includes many precious and unique solo pieces with string orchestras, from the famous Suite n.2 by J.S. Bach, to the fresh Italian creativity of the op. 10 by Antonio Vivaldi (unabridged made up of 6 concerts) and the beautiful pages by Telemann, Haendel and Quantz which have developed a wide literature focused on the flute.

Contemporary works which have been specially written for the flautist or dedicated to her (Prangcharoen, Lombardi), are alongside the concert for flute and oboe by Ligeti and other music compositions of today, such as the beautiful Flotenkonzert op. 11 by the Viennese Rainer Bischof.

Repertoire  (PDF)
Programmes (PDF)

Piano: Bruno Canino, Philippe Entremont, Aurora Sabia, Johannes Kropfitsch
Luisa Sello’s duo repertoire is very large and covers different styles and periods of time, from the beginning of the 19th century to the more advanced forms of expressions included in contemporary music, written under the flautist’s commission.

The programme is organized according to different themes, projects and to the specific abilities of each partner; in this way there may be pieces and programmes which are new or which belong to the repertoire, but which share a common attention for phrasing and for the joy of making music together.

Programmes & Curriculum (PDF)
Classic & Jazz (PDF)

The works of four very different composers- Guiot, De Angelis, Piazzolla, Bolling – have one major element in common, the attention towards the so-called “Jazz language”. They all emphasize the role of an instrument which is not very widespread in the Afro-american area but has gained popularity in the more educated European environment. Sensual sonorities of the minimal combo are provided by the rich rhythms of piano, bass and drums.

J. S. Bach (PDF)
Back To Bach (PDF)

Due to a great interest in the Johan Sebastian Bach production, Luisa Sello has carried out particular interpretative studies with the organist Sergio Gaggia, an expert of Bach’s works. Then she has studied more thoroughly the historical flute with Stephen Preston in order to be able to transfer elements of stylistic diction and execution to the modern flute. A modern interpretation of the baroque style emerges without ignoring executive practice.

Pierrot Solaire (PDF)
Repertoir (PDF)
Equipment Required (PDF)

Scenic instrumental concert
Luisa Sello, flutes and scenic conception

Ute Lemper, flautist, an important scenic presence which results elegant at the same time
(Il Tempo, 1 ottobre 2002, G.P.)

..great interpretative skills, an absolute mastery with musical instruments, dominant control of the scene, lightness of an étoile, the musician has definitely conquered the public…
(AltroMolise, www. access on 1-10-2002 – Beckmesser)

Sello – PRAZAK (PDF)

Besides solo activities, Luisa Sello also plays in chamber ensembles where the personality of the flautist and of groups with great musical experiences meet and intertwine . Since 1995 she has been playing with the Jess Trio Wien; recently she has also started to work together with the Quartetto Prazak, where an equally intense and great musical union and harmony is created.

Jana Vonášková e Vlastimil Holek, violins, Josef Kluson, viola, Michal Kanka, cello


VIENNA (Austria)

27/05/2024 7.00pm
Trio Bernini @ Salon Boesendorfer - Musikverein

Luisa Sello (flute),
Dimitri Mattu (viola),
Angela Oliviero (piano)
Music by Vivaldi, Sivilotti, Corazza

GRADO (Italy)

25/05/2024 7.00pm
@ Basilica di Sant'Eufemia

Naonis Donatello string orchestra – cond. Nurhan Arman,
Luisa Sello (flute soloist),
“Friuli and Serenissima”
Music by Vivaldi, Sivilotti, Corazza

FASANO (Italy)

05/05/2024 7.00pm
Recital @ Stagione FasanoMusica 2024

Luisa Sello and Bruno Canino
Music by Bach, Beethoven, Rossini, Rota

PRAGUE (Czech Republic)

04/05/2024 8.00pm
@ Smetana Hall, Praha

North Czech Philharmonic Orchestra,
Luisa Sello (flauto),
Franz Doppler Hungarian Fantasy

PLOVDIV (Bulgaria)

Flute Master class @ National School of Music and Dance “Dobrin Petkov”


15/04/2024 5.30pm
Trio Flute Fusion @ Hotel Abbano Ritz - Sala degli Specchi

Mihi Kim, Luisa Sello, Martina Silvester (Miyazawa Ladies)
Music by Beethoven, Piazzolla, Boismortier, Hendrix, Ghidoni, Baratello


13/04/2024 5.30pm
Trio Flute Fusion @ Palazzo Albrizzi Capello

Mihi Kim, Luisa Sello, Martina Silvester (Miyazawa Ladies)
Music by Beethoven, Piazzolla, Boismortier, Hendrix, Ghidoni, Baratello


11/04/2024 9.00pm

Eric Lederhandler (direttore),
Luisa Sello (flauto solista),
Orchestra del Teatro Goldoni
Musiche di M. Ravel, W. A. Mozart, F. Poulenc

ALMERIA (Spagna)


Luisa Sello (flauto),
Nieves Sánchez Camacho (pianoforte)
Musiche di Mozart, Schubert/Bohem, Rossini, Casella, Saint Saens, Poulenc

CHIANG RAI (Tailandia)

01/04/2024 9.00am-12.00pm
Master class @ Payap University

Luisa Sello and Mihi Kim (flauto),
Cristina Nadal (cello),
Aurora Sabia (piano)

CHIANG RAI (Tailandia)

31/03/2024 7.00pm
@ CRK Recital Hall-College of Music Payap University (Kaew-nawarat campus)

Luisa Sello (flauto and concept),
Mihi Kim (flauto),
Cristina Nadal (cello),
Aurora Sabia (piano),
Chaipruck Mekara (clarinet)
Tribal girls of ‘Odelette Ensemble’ in Chiang Saen (music and dance)
Musiche di Donizetti, Doppler, Haydn, Piazzolla, Shostakovich

CHIANG RAI (Tailandia)

30/03/2024 7.00pm
@ Chainarai Riverside - Srijomthong Hall

Luisa Sello and friends (flauto and concept) for ODELETTE
Mihi Kim (flauto),
Cristina Nadal (cello),
Aurora Sabia (piano)
Chiang Rai Youth Orchestra,
Paramet Odd Lerdkasem (conductor),
Chiang Saen “Odelette Ensemble”
Musiche di Donizetti, Doppler, Haydn, Piazzolla, Tortora, Vivaldi

BANGKOK (Tailandia)

27/03/2024 4.00pm
@ Villa Nat - Sala Sudasiri Sobha

Trio Luisa Sello (flauto), Mihi Kim (flauto), Aurora Sabia (pianoforte)
Musiche di Busoni, Doppler, Mozart

BANGKOK (Tailandia)

27/03/2024 9.00am-12.00pm
Flute Master Classat Princess Galyani Vadhana Institute of Music

PARIGI (Francia)

24/03/2024 3.00pm
Trio Flute Fusion @ Église Notre Dame de Boulogne

Mihi Kim, Luisa Sello, Martina Silvester (Miyazawa Ladies)
Musiche di Telemann, Boismortier, Petz


18/03/2024 9.30pm
@ Abano Ritz Hotel, Sala degli specchi

Luisa Sello (flauto), Miryam Dal Don (violino), Maria Grazia Bellocchio (pianoforte)
Musiche di Prokofiew, Bach, Martinu

VENEZIA (Italia)

16/03/2024 5.30pm
@ Palazzo Albrizzi

Luisa Sello (flauto), Miryam Dal Don (violino), Maria Grazia Bellocchio (pianoforte)
Musiche di Prokofiew, Bach, Martinu

UDINE (Italia)

15/03/2024 8.00pm
"Festival dei Tiepolo" - "Tiepolo Ensemble" @ Chiesa delle Zitelle

Musiche di Mozart and Haydn

UDINE (Italia)

11/03/2024 7.00pm
"Festival dei Tiepolo" - Water Flutes Waves – G. F. Haendel "Water music" @ Chiesa delle Zitelle

ALFAS DEL PI’ (Spagna)

09/03/2024 8.00pm
Centre Social de l’Albir

Luisa Sello (flauto), Dimitri Mattu (viola), Angela Oliviero (pianoforte)
Musiche di Mozart, Beethoven, Bloch, Vieuxtemps

UDINE (Italia)

07/03/2024 6.15pm
Conferenza "Muse, musiciste, compagne musicali" @ Palazzo Torriani, Via Zanon 24, Udine

Organizzata dall’Università Popolare

ISTANBUL (Turchia)

03/03/2024 11.00am
Orchestra da Camera di Istanbul

Luisa Sello (Flauto solista)
Musiche di Mozart, Carl Stamitz

ASTANA (Kazakhstan)

01/03/2024 8.30pm
Orchestra Filarmonica Nazionale di Stato

Luisa Sello (Flauto solista), direttore Vito Clemente
Musiche di Ferruccio Busoni, Franz Doppler, Raffaele Gervasio, Kurt Weill

VIENNA (Austria)

20/02/2024 7.00pm
Duo Estroverso @ Sechschimmel Gallery

Luisa Sello (flauto e voce), Cristina Nadal (violoncello e voce)
Musiche di Reza Vali, Federico Garcia, Gerhard Habl, J. S. Bach, Arcangelo Corelli

MILANO (Italia)

13/02/2024 5.00pm
Duo Sello-Canino @ Museo del '900, Sala Fonata

Luisa Sello e Bruno Canino presentano il nuovo CD Dynamic “20th-century Mitteleuropean Flute Music”.
Musiche di Ernst Heinrich Křenek (1900-1991) Emil František Burian (1904-1959) Paul Dessau (1894-1979) Arnold Schönberg (1874-1951)

SOFIA (Bulgaria)

07/02/2024 6.00pm
Concerto @ Gallery della New Bulgarian University

Mario Hossen (violino), Luisa Sello (flauto), Milena Mollova (pianoforte)
Musiche di J.S.Bach, Rainer Bischof, F. Poulenc

SOFIA (Bulgaria)

06/02/2024 6.30pm
Orchestra filarmonica di Vidin @ Boulevard Cherni Vrah 4, 1421 Losanette

Luisa Sello (flauto solista), direttore Peter Dimitrov
Musiche di Ferruccio Busoni e Franz Doppler

BANGKOK (Tailandia)

04/02/2024 7.00pm
Duo Recital @ Villa Nat

Luisa Sello (flauto), Nat Yontararak (pianoforte)
Musiche di Donizetti, Rossini,Gluck, Bizet, Bach, Mozart

CHIANG MAI (Tailandia)

28/01/2024 6.00pm
Concerto con la Youth String Orchestra e le bambine tribali di Chiang Saen.
Luisa Sello (flauto solista), direttore Paramet Odd Lerdkasem

VIDIN (Bulgaria)

26/01/2024 6.30pm
Orchestra Filarmonica di Vidin

Luisa Sello (flauto solista), direttore Peter Dimitrov
Musiche di Ferruccio Busoni e Franz Doppler


20/01/2024 5.30pm
Trio Haydn @ Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello

Luisa Sello e Elena Cecconi (flauti), Cristina Nadal (violoncello)
Musiche di Haydn, Mozart, Sammartini



26_30 Agosto 2024
8th Talent Summer Courses&Festival

Master class for Flute (Soloists and Soloist&orchestra)
Talent Summer Courses

Soloist: Active Students: 570 Euro (including 100 Euro of registration fee and piano accompaniment)
Duo: Active: 750 Euro (including 200 Euro registration fee for two persons)
Trio:Active: 950 Euro (including 300 Euro registration fee for three persons)

At Talent Music Summer Courses and Opera & Festival each student will receive 3 hours of lessons in 4 lessons of 45 minutes each with the chosen professor and all the students can have the possibility to perform in public evening concerts.

The Talent Music Summer Courses and Opera & Festival will also give the opportunity to few selected students to perform with orchestra. The selected repertoire with orchestra will be published soon on our website.

During the course week all the interested students will also have the possibility to participate in the Concerto Audition Solo Competition, in which it will be selected the best student of the week. Beyond this title, the winner will also have the opportunity to win a scholarship of 800 Euros.

UDINE (Italy)

20_25 Agosto 2024
International Music Campus

Master class di Flauto, Musica da Camera, concerti

Masterclass di flauto / Flute Masterclass € 350.00
Uditore € 50.00 (costo giornaliero € 20.00) Iscrizione € 30.00
Masterclass fee € 350.00 Iscription € 30.00
Auditor € 50.00 (daily cost € 20.00)
Accommodation single room with bathroom € 40.00 daily
Start 20 August 2024 at 10am
Via Tomadini 30A – Conference Room – Udine (Italy)

VIENNA (Austria)

7_10 Agosto 2023
Summer Flute Course

Flute Master and concerts in Maria Hilfe Kirche

LUXEMBOURG (Luxembourg)

28_31 Luglio 2023
35th International Forum

SOFIA (Bulgaria)

PhD / Dottorato in "Flute Performance" @ New Bulgarian University

Nuove iscrizioni entro 1 febbraio 2023 (da 3 a 6 semestri)


Music Academy De Grazia
Corso Annuale di Studi Avanzati

Il Corso Si Articola In 6 Incontri Di 2 Giorni Ciascuno, Con Lezioni Individuali (45+45):
12/06/2022 Concerto Finale Studenti

BRUNO CANINO Pianoforte Annuale
LUISA SELLO Flauto Annuale

Il Corso Di Flauto Prevede Anche Dei Master Class Affiancati Con Maestri Internazionali:
ANDRAS ADORJAN Flauto Master Class
CARLO JANS Master Class Flauto

Al Temine Verra ‘Consegnato Un Diploma Di Frequenza E Gli Studenti Piu’ Meritevoli Saranno Invitati A Tenere Un Concerto Presso Il Palazzo De Grazia.

Master Class singoli € 230 effettivi (€ 70 uditori)
Corso annuale € 900 (pianoforte e flauto)

Coloro che frequentano il corso annuale di flauto possono partecipare come attivi (€ 120) e come uditori (gratuiti) alle altre masterclass.

Anticipo di € 50 sul costo di frequenza (non rimborsabile, ad esclusione ragioni covid) deve essere pagata entro 10 giorni prima dell’inizio dei singoli Master class ed entro il 15 novembre 2020 per il Corso annuale

Bonifico bancario intestato a: Casa delle Arti
Cassa Rurale del FVG IBAN: IT53L0862212403008000001837– BIC / SWIFT: CCRTIT2T96

VIENNA (Austria)

01/07 agosto 2022
Sommer Akademie Orpheus - Flute Master class /
concerts in Maria Hilfe Kirche
Inscription 100€ – Masterclass 360€ – Single Bedroom 40€

UDINE (Italy)

23_28 agosto 2022
International Music Campus - Flute Master, chamber music and concerts
Accomodation (in the same College of the courses)
Inscription 30€ – Masterclass 350€ – Single bedroom 30€


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20th Century
Middle European Flute Music

for flute and piano
- Ernst Heinrich Křenek "Suite"
- Emil František Burian Ztracené "Serenády" (First world recording)
- Paul Dessau "Guernica" for piano
- Arnold Schönberg "Sonate" for flute and piano (nach dem Bläserquintett op.26 1923-1924 bearbeitet von Felix Greissle)


Dynamic – CDS7995

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Themes & Variations

for flute and piano
- Ignaz Moscheles Variations concertantes op. 21 (First world recording)
- L. van Beethoven Sechs Variierte Themen Opus 105
- Richard Strauss Introduction, Thema und Variationen (First world recording)
- Franz Schubert Sechs Lieder (Arrangiert von Theobald Böhm)


Dynamic – CDS7973

19th and 20th Century French Music With Flute

Live Recordings
- A. Roussel - Joueurs de flûte Op.27
- C. Debussy - Syrinx, for flute
- M. Sollini - À la manière de....Bach Op.42, for flute
- M. Sollini - Canzona op.39, for flute and piano
- C. Chaminade - Piece Romantique Op.9
- G. Tailleferre - Pastorale A. Honegger - Danse de la Chèvre H39
- Mel Bonis - Una flûte soupire Op.121
- J. Ibert - Piece, for flute
- C. Saint-Saëns - Romance Op. 37
- F. Poulenc - Sonata


UPC/EAN code: 0746160914541
Disc code: C00621

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Serenade for Ludwig

Flute Chamber Music
Ludwig van Beethoven


Dynamic S.r.l. – 2020 CDS7886


Belcanto for flute and piano
Verdi / Galli, Donizetti, Rossini / Tulou, Rossini / Cottignies, Bellini / Galli


Stradivarius – 2019 STR 37131

J. S. Bach

Le Sonate concertanti for flute and piano
Johann Sebastian Bach


Stradivarius – 2018 STR 37095

Sérénade à deux

Works for flute and guitar
Willy Burkhard, Heitor Villa-Lobos, Astor Piazzolla, Jacques Ibert, Francesco Molino,Franco Margola, Daniele Zanettovich, Ferdinando Carulli


Stradivarius – 2016 STR 37062

The origin of song

Rossini, Sello, Donizetti, He, Verdi, Chaminade, Bellini, Beethoven

LUISA SELLO, flute and voice

Beijing Hongcheng Millennium Culture & Art Co.LTD 2012


Works for flute and piano
Chopin, Czerny, Pixis, Kalkbrenner


Stradivarius 2008

Minus one "Fantasie d'opera"

Verdi e Bellini


BMG Ricordi Milano Dischi – 2005


Lebič, Ramovš, Petrić, Merkù, Vhrunc

RTV Slovenija Ljubljana, Slovenija – 2004

Suite furlana

Tailleferre, Zanettovich, Bellinzani, Palese, Liani, d'Arcano, Procaccioli, Guiot

LUISA SELLO and ensemble

CRR 2023 RivoAlto – 2001


Lebič, Donatoni, Nieder, Strobl, Merkù, Coral


CRR 2009 RivoAlto – 2000




CRR 2008 RivoAlto – 2000

Solo ma non Solo

zanettovich, Debussy, Hibert, Guiot, Piazzolla, Read Thomas, Monti, Honegger, Prangcharoen, Clementi, Procaggioli, Sello, Hindemith, Baratello, Tadini


La Follia

Various Artists​




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D. Cimarosa
Concert for two flutes and orchestra

Soloists – Luisa Sello, Derek Jones, The Chamber Orchestra at St Paul’s, Michael Woods (Melbourne 2018)

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G. Donizetti
Sonata for flute and piano

Luisa Sello, Bruno Canino (Sofia 2018)

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Ch. W. Gluck
Dance of the Blessed Spirits

Wiener Konzert Verein

Play Video
C. Chaminade
Concertino op. 109 for flute and orchestra

Rijeka/Fiume – Croatian National Theatre “Ivan pl. Zajc” – Cond. Igor Vlainic

Play Video
C. Stamitz
Concerto in G major
Orchestra Classica del Veneto – Cond. Dino Doni
Play Video
L. Sello
Echi della Mongolia

Luisa Sello flute and tape (Cordoba 2018)

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C. Bolling
Suite for flute and Jazz Trio
L. Sello, Munoz trio (Cordoba 2018)
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CPE Bach
Flute concerto in D minor (3rd mov)

Camerata Orphica, Nayden Todorov (Wien 2019)

Play Video
M. Ravel
Luisa Sello flute, Aurora Sabia piano (Plovdiv 2019)
Play Video
W.A. Mozart
Flute Concerto KV 313

Wiener Konzert Verein

Play Video
C. Saint Saens
Odelette op. 162 for flute and orchestra

Rijeka/Fiume – Croatian National Theatre “Ivan pl. Zajc” – Cond. Igor Vlainic

Play Video
Popular Song from Friuli
Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine
(Udine 2011)
Play Video
A. Roussel
Joueurs de flute
L. Sello flute, Philippe Entremont piano (Paris 2017)
Play Video
V. Bellini/Galli
Fantasia sulla "norma" op. 168
L. Sello, flute / B. Canino, piano (Udine 2019)
Play Video
G. Rossini
Soirées Musical "La Danza"
L. Sello, flute / B. Canino, piano (Udine 2019)