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Magnificent interpretative sensitivity and excellent sound
Severino Gazzelloni (International Flautist) 

Very musical interpretation, superb sound
Raymond Guiot (First Flute of the Opera of Paris)

Extraordinary musician (Alto Adige - Gi.Bo.)

An extraordinary solo recital (Il Mattino di Bolzano - A.Sobrero)

An Ute Lemper of the flute, with a stage presence at once imposing and elegant
(Il Tempo - G.P.)

Great interpretive ability, absolute mastery of her instruments, total command of the stage, the light touch of a star (AltroMolise - Beckmesser)

Technically perfect and with nice phrasing (Volks-Zeitung- Austria - G-.P.)

Great colouristic bravura, fine quality and great depth of penetration
(ABC - Madrid - F.Cid)

Effortlessness, lightness, intensity and vigour (General-Anzeiger - Bonn - B. Kaempfer)

Exellent virtuosity (Il Messaggero Veneto S.Z.)

Perfect, she has confirmed her talent (Feuille d'Avis - Svizzera - Isa)


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