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Among all the solo works, the concerts which Mozart dedicated to the role of the magical instrument are of great importance: the majestic and fascinating Concert KV313 in G Major, the bubbly Concert KV 314 in D major, both written at the beginning of 1778 at Mannheim, and the delicate Andante in C major KV 315 probably written for another concert which he did not finish, dated Salzburg 1778/79.

Besides this unabridged work, it is important to recall the pages ‘fin du siècle’ by the composer Cécile Chaminade and the watermarked lines of the works by Saint Saens. The French repertoire contains many ideas and suggestions, from the virtuoso adaptation for flute and strings of the opera by Bizet, Fantasia sulla Carmen, to the masterpiece of the 20th century by the wise hand of Jacques Ibert.

The double concert by Erwin Schulhoff, an author of the 20th century among the victims of the Holocaust who died at a young age: his language is very extensive, where flute and piano face a challenging role of great charm as soloists.
The baroque period includes many precious and unique solo pieces with string orchestras, from the famous Suite n.2 by J.S. Bach, to the fresh Italian creativity of the op. 10 by Antonio Vivaldi (unabridged made up of 6 concerts) and the beautiful pages by Telemann, Haendel and Quantz which have developed a wide literature focused on the flute.

Contemporary works which have been specially written for the flautist or dedicated to her (Prangcharoen, Lombardi), are alongside the concert for flute and oboe by Ligeti and other music compositions of today, such as the beautiful Flotenkonzert op. 11 by the Viennese Rainer Bischof.

The scores of titles marked with an asterisk, *, are available and can be obtained on request from the flautist.


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